Katherine Wren Translator

Translating and writing about culture and sport
German-English Translation/Deutsch-Englisch
Specialist area Classical Music/ Fachgebiet klassische Musik

TACET records, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2015

[...] vielen Dank für die Übersetzung des Kontrabass-Textes! Ich habe soeben deutsch und englisch noch einmal sorgfältig gelesen [...Ich]  glaube, dass es ein sehr gutes, schönes Englisch ist.

Messiaen Turangalila Symphony – RSNO Pre-Concert Talk March 2014


“No matter how well I imagine myself to know a piece, I always strive to attend pre-concert talks. Something new usually emerges, occasionally something pivotal [... ]

Wren's talk also conveyed her brimming excitement at the thought of playing this work. The unpopulated stage looked awe-inspiring before the musicians assembled. The programme boasted 107 names plus conductor and soloists.”

- Alan Coady, Bachtrack


“Violist Katherine Wren gives an excellent pre-concert talk and there's a nice coincidence: it turns out her first live experience of the symphony was the same as mine – a concert by the Hallé in Manchester in 1989.”

- Ian Taft

Britten War Requiem –RSNO Pre-Concert Talk November 2013


“It’s the first time I’d attended one of the talks and I was totally blown away by the experience. I’d expected an old crumbly academic giving a history of the piece or whatever but what a fascinating, lively and passionate talk the violist delivered. She was able to communicate her passion and enthusiasm for the piece along with her expert knowledge in a genuine, approachable way. It really helped that she was a performer as well as a Britten expert as her expert perspective brought a freshness to the talk that I doubt could’ve otherwise been achieved.  I could’ve listened to her for much longer and I’m sure she’d have had much more to say.”


“We were attending the concert with two German friends [who] can be rather sensitive around discussions about the war. But I needn’t have worried. The woman giving the talk was respectful, objective and, by opening the discussion by talking about the German word for reconciliation, she hit the right tone from the outset.”

- Audience member